We  don’t have a team reciprocating our company values, rather a company aligned to the team’s


We're perceptive and aware. Storming out-of-the box ideas is our everyday warm up.


Earth's business is our business and Planet before Profits is our mantra at Terraw.


We take our ideals a little too seriously, we're honest and we simply refuse to lie.

Hi, we’re Terraw!

Like our planet-first point of view, our team is the heart of everything we do!

“After we graduated and took up separate career paths, we had never imagined what started off as a casual rendezvous for a mutual friend’s wedding will end into rescheduled flights, formal discussions, note taking, resignation letters and finally, the accouchement of our own little venture!”

We believe that each one of us can make a difference. It’s high time we start feeling accountable and make conscious decisions. Ultimately, consumer demand drives production efforts. We can rest assured that if companies start to see a major consumer trend like preference towards biodegradable packaging for example, they will strive to keep up with the market.


Director & Co-Founder, Finance & Strategy

Indian Oil  |  Lendingkart

A finance major from IIM Lucknow and an electrical engineer from IIT Hyderabad. Suffers from ‘Just Right’ OCD. Knows no room for error.

Big time introvert, but football, bikes or gadgets? Well, he’s always in for a conversation.


Director & Co-Founder, Design & Marketing

GlaxoSmithKline  |  YES Bank

A freelance designer and an agri-business graduate from IIM Lucknow. Often found talking to all non-living things around the house, not creepy at all.

A keen art lover at heart, she’s easy to spot hanging around stationery aisles of supermarkets.


Director & Co-Founder, Design & Marketing

GlaxoSmithKline |  YES Bank

A freelance designer and an agri-business graduate from IIM Lucknow. Often found talking to all non-living things around the house, not creepy at all.

A keen art lover at heart, she’s easy to spot hanging around stationery aisles of supermarkets.


Director & Co-Founder, Operations & Growth

St. Xaviers  |  Farron

A commerce graduate from St. Xaviers with 3 businesses to his name. Has a knack of taking problems head-on. Would rather have Hustling for lunch.

Flag bearer of the online gaming community, he’s easy to catch up with over Call of Duty.


Finding good people is easy, getting them to work in a team, for the common good, is another story.



Chotanagpur Crafts is a small artisan group working towards generating self employment opportunities for women by means of handcrafting jute, cotton and canvas bags. Based in Ranchi – Jharkhand, the group supports over a dozen women artists, including those with special abilities who are absolutely the best at what they do.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” –Jimmy Dean

Influenced by traditional tailoring and hand stitching techniques, the products represent undeterred determination and ooze a classic, mom-made vibe.

We’ve collaborated with Chotanagpur Crafts in an effort to support these super talented women, who curate not just products, but feelings. All Terraw bags and pouches are exclusively handcrafted by these beautiful women.



Bamfi works towards developing an umbrella for inherent bamboo artisans of Jharkhand. Based out of a small town Bundu, Bamfi with their mission of keeping intact the heritage of bamboo handcrafting, supports hundreds of small scale artisans, and helps them earn a livelihood through their unmatched artisanship.

“It wasn’t an architect or a designer who invented objects, but an artisan.” – Giorgetto Giugiaro

Heavily influenced by traditional bamboo handcrafting techniques, Bamfi’s products represent hard work, diligence and imperfect perfection.

We’ve collaborated with Bamfi, in an effort to support small scale bamboo artisans through fair trade, to develop indigenous solutions to modern needs and to bring relevance to traditional artisanship in the contemporary era.



Bahcane is a sustainable furnishings brand, based out of Indian states of Assam and Jharkhand. Their products are made of eco-friendly, sustainable and long-lasting materials- laminated and polished bamboo and rattan, hence, keeping our environment friendly interests in mind, while giving our spaces a delicate and sophisticated touch.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappé

Influenced by modern minimalism and finding beauty through efficiency, Bah’s furniture line represents quality, style and elegance.

We’ve collaborated with the Bah Lifestyle Company, in an effort to expand the avenues through which sustainable products are available to people. We work closely with them to bring to you only the finest bamboo home furniture and décor items.

Our Kickass Customers

Being bold and outspoken is not just in our DNA but our customers too, know why? Because we genuinely put our money where our mouth is!

"Who doesn't get thrilled by the idea of saving the planet while brushing, every single time? Damn!! Man, am I the next Avenger or what?"

Suditi Mandal

"Heard of all kinds of addictions, but did you think you could ever get addicted to super soft toothbrush bristles? Trust me, it's real!"

Nipun Gupta

"You gotta trust me when I say "this is the most kickass brush I've ever owned", yes including my awesome sauce make-up brushes!"

Anukriti Lal

"I've been jumping on all my meals lateley, simply because I absolutely can't wait to binge with my bamboo cutlery! Crazy, eh?"

Harshita Singh

"If a guy like me starts to brush his teeth twice a day, you know things have changed, or probably just his toothbrush!"

Shashank Zodape