kilograms of plastic is generated in India, everyday.

The sole motivation behind Terraw is the very fact that, we, humans are addicts of convenience. And it is a fatal attraction, both for us and for the Earth. We all try to make efforts to live sustainably most of the time. But sustainability is not easy, and our submission to convenience culture is making things worse.



hectares of forest cover is lost by the country, every year.

Voting with our wallets is one way in which we can keep the convenience factor, without trashing our planet. Moving forward, our mindsets and inclinations toward convenience as a whole need to be re-evaluated, and Terraw is one small step  in the direction.

Earth Friendly

Fashioned from the nature, restituted to the nature.

Function & Utility

Driven by the ideals of purpose & utility at the core.

Elegant Designs

A conscious collaboration of ethics and aesthetics.

Plastic Free

Adorned in recyclable, post-consumer packaging.

Form as an expression

Bamboo Toothbrush

Aesthetic as a complement

Travel Pouch

Convenience as a fashion

Steel Straw

Simplicity as a rule

Canvas Tote

Utility as a default

Natural Loofah

Style as a statement

Bamboo Cutlery

Spaces that inspire,

memories you desire.

When functional meets modular, hatched are furnishings so elegant, that’ll keep you under house arrest!

13. Seating


Traditionally iconic bamboo textures from the past eccentrically fused into striking, sleek modern silhouettes.

14. Living


A Utopian prototype of our eye toward novel design complemented by our profound respect for the environment.

15. Dining


A seamless harmony of form and function – an idyllic synthesis of premium aesthetics and thoughtful ergonomics.

The Vanguard

Three ordinary B-school buddies in pursuit of the extra-ordinary.


Design & Marketing

Why Terraw?

Us, because we’re here to lead, not to mislead.

We’re honest, which means your guarantee to genuine product information and no fake claims. We simply do not shy away from our weaknesses, and strive hard to not have any at the first place. Long answer short, we’re not another green washer, we’re Terraw, and we take great pride in it.

How We Pack?

We use 100% plastic free packaging.

All Terraw products come in 100% biodegradable packaging material. We use thread reinforced paper envelopes, paper tapes, recycled paper tags & boxes, jute strings, and natural flowers to bring to you a specially curated minimum waste package which we encourage you to always recycle.

How We Ship?

We do not have any logistics partners.

Yes, you read it right. How does shipping make us any different, you ask? We dispatch all our products on our own, using public postal services, not only to cut on our carbon emissions per gram of the package, but also to avoid clear tape mandates stipulated by private courier service providers.

"Holding and using this brush gives me a sense of feeling that I am contributing something good towards the environment. I love that the bristles are so soft on my teeth and gums. Terraw toothbrushes are the easiest swap one can make. They're not only great for the planet but they look and feel great too!"

Paritosh Chandran / Mumbai

"The Travel Pouch is amazing. Truly Zero Waste. I absolutely love the handcrafted jute pouch encasing the cutlery. Very convenient to use, very sturdy, and to be honest it feels so much more comfortable than using a plastic spoon or fork. Also, its super easy to carry, and it's definitely going to be in my bag wherever I go."

Upadhi Harit / New Delhi

"I love my tote bag so much and knowing that it’s been handcrafted by a group of specially-abled women makes it even more special to me. It's such a simple, elegant, no nonsense bag. Be it bringing fresh produce from the local market or running errands for my mom, my tote goes with me every time I head out."

Madhu Ranjana / Bangalore

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